Vocall Networks: improving contactability, increasing revenues and reducing costs

Vocall is a South African communications technology solutions company known for driving client success with industry alliances.

Communications technology incorporates many combinations of hardware and software components, often supplied by multiple vendors. Expensive, complex, and often linked to long-term contracts, these seldom provide the agility and cost benefits initially envisioned.     

At Vocall, we understand that communications form a crucial part of your business and because of a continuously changing environment, you require solutions that are agile, quick to implement and cost-effective. Our clients know that our solutions deliver real value, our support is without question the best, our technical resources the most experienced and our relationships long-lasting.

Every day, we conclude millions of transactions in the form of phone calls, messages, and data connections.

Vocall is perfectly positioned to ensure our clients have continuous access to the latest technologies, the best digital skills, and the voice and connectivity networks they require. In this way, we ensure that our clients’ contact centre business continues to grow and improve in a consistent and successful manner.

Vocall provides connectivity through a range of access mediums, hosted services across different geographies, large-scale enterprise communications services and mobility. From a client perspective, we ensure the required levels of scalability to enable effective future growth, providing complete support to the client’s business visions and values.

Vocall is a trusted advisor to the contact centre market, helping the sector to assess its existing technology offerings and eliminate what is no longer needed, thereby reducing costs. This is especially vital in today’s Covid-19 affected world, where work-from-home is the norm.

As technology disruptors, we collaborate with our partners to anticipate all our stakeholders’ needs and to respond with fast, innovative solutions and high-quality services.  Our suite of products supports the value chain in any industry and is deployed more efficiently and
cost-effectively than alternative approaches.

We are a proudly African, privately owned, independent company that launched in 2009 as a provider of broadband connectivity, virtual private networks (VPNs) and Dedicated Internet services. Vocall quickly evolved into a contact centre aggregator, having recognised a gap in the market for a service of this nature.

Our growth stemmed from word-of-mouth and evolved into a partnership with the Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA), which allowed us to penetrate the debt collection industry. By understanding this industry’s challenges, we develop insight and knowledge, and have subsequently taken these challenges and bridged them with bespoke technology solutions designed in collaboration with our industry alliances. ADRA recognised Vocall’s success in the contact centre space and appointed Vocall as a preferred technology partner.

In addition to being an award-winning Vodacom partner, Vocall adopts a dual-vendor strategy with South Africa’s leading mobile networks that enables us to provide clients with dual access links from two different vendors, thereby delivering redundancy and backup. This is vital when organisations service contact centres that range in size from 50 agents, to up to 13,000 agents.

Vocall understands the importance of excellent customer experience, which is why we have dedicated project management teams working across each of the main network providers – Vodacom, BCX, MTN and Liquid Telecom. Furthermore, Vocall has assigned experts to monitor the contact centres that Vocall aggregates, to proactively tackle any challenges that may arise.

Despite being a successful aggregator, Vocall remains focused on the future and on implementing new solutions to make business simpler and easier for our clients.


We enable you to identify how technology can help meet your business objectives, to address risks and compliance, improve agility.


Learn to do things differently and purposefully take risks to innovate and enable changes that make the difference.

Our Methodology

We are passionate about what we do; we build on the shared knowledge, experience, and perspectives of our team, and we lead by example, attitude and commitment. Our strategic aspiration is to be the digital transformation partner in the Contact Centre Industry, and we are dedicated to finding the right people to walk this road with us. 

We work as a cohesive unit and relate in open conversations with positive energy, to address our customers’ challenges. 
We are committed to consistently delivering high-quality service, and to creating value for our stakeholder communities.

Benefit from our expertise:

  • Expert advisors work with you to create a bespoke solution tailored to your business goals
  • Collaborate to create a solid foundation for your cloud strategy; you achieve the full benefits of cloud adoption and virtualisation
  • We assess your current operating model, and use your defined business objectives to recommend the key areas of focus and enhancements needed to implement your target operating model
  • Continuous 24/7 proactive monitoring and management
  • Single point of contact
  • Instant access to highly skilled technicians and resources. 

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