Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) defines an approach to managing all telecommunication service expenses such as voice and data with a combination of software tools and manual auditing. For larger companies, it is a more formal programme to optimise spending on telecom services.

TEM is the practice that encompasses the business processes conducted by IT and finance departments to acquire the provision of corporate telecommunications assets. It is the build-out of services, or the acquisition of third-party services, to manage the supply chain for telecommunications. TEM began due to a need to control monthly costs associated with the use of fixed phone lines.

Now TEM has evolved into a management system which also helps wireless services.

Our promise is to help our customers do the following:

  • Build real-time IT inventory (software)
  • Gather bills and identifying overcharges (audit)
  • Search for contract violations (support)
  • Optimise the telecom environment to save (support)

We negotiate with vendors to obtain a better deal (support), and we use data from multiple sources, taking into account data from several departments. This differentiates us from vendors who rely on nothing but invoice data to manage an inventory.

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Savings initiatives operating modules

We get your money back

Billing optimisation

We identify instances of billing errors and contractual
non-compliance and secure the rebate or refund due to you.
This includes removing any billing process inefficiencies that result in unnecessary interest charges or penalties due to late payments.

Pay only for what you need

Infrastructure and subscription rationalisation

We review all your telecom services, assets, equipment, and subscriptions, across data and voice, that you are currently paying for and then remove all that is surplus. We clean up, streamline and right size the base including optimising packages within the base.

The best contracts and terms of trade

Commercial and contractual terms of trade

We review and negotiate rental agreements in order to enhance the terms of trade, increase the commercial benefits and ensure the price per unit on the rental of voice and data access infrastructure and services is market related.

The best voice solutions

Voice traffic optimisation

We ensure that every second of voice traffic within or leaving your telecom network attracts the most favourable rate possible. Whether you are using traditional phone lines, VoIP, or cell phone connections, we audit and benchmark the costs to improve your bottom line.