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Security Advisory and Governance Services

For most businesses, ICT has become central to basic operations and a key vulnerability. It houses financial records, customer data, strategic planning documents and other sensitive information. Vocall’s Security Monitoring and Detection team ensures that your ICT infrastructure is properly secured.
Your ICT infrastructure is a target for industrial espionage and criminals. It is important for your business to take a holistic approach to security, going beyond edge protection and actively monitoring activity and system logs for suspicious activity.

Vocall’s Security Monitoring and Detection team and Security Operations Centre are positioned to monitor, detect, support and report.

Leverage our Security Operations Centre

Staffed by full time security specialists:

  • 24/7 security monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Threat response
  • Threat mitigation
  • Threat assessments and hunting.

Our Cloud and Security strategy is centred on the importance of data

Managed Security Services

Vocall provides the tools and software to deal with all aspects of securing a corporate IT network. If you are concerned that your business might not have covered all its security bases, Vocall’s Managed Security Services can help. We analyse your existing infrastructure and design a solution to fit your needs. We will provide the best software tools to secure your network and align your procedures with industry best practices.

Privileged Access Management [PAM]

Privileged Access management (PAM) systems and processes providing better control and monitoring capability with regards to  those who can gain privileged access into the computer or information systems.

Data Leak Prevention

Managed systems designed to detect and prevent the unauthorised use and transmission of confidential information.

Endpoint Protection

Managed systems designed to minimise the exposure of a business to security threats that may infect endpoints that contain information assets.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is a service that allows you to proactively keep abreast of published and known vulnerabilities to prevent them from being exploited, thereby protecting your IT infrastructure and information from harm.

Risk, Audit, Assurance and Compliance Services

Vocall Cybersecurity leverages our knowledge, experience and effective delivery of cybersecurity risk assessments, audits, data privacy regulations, industry standards, and best practice security frameworks to give reasonable assurance that the security posture of your business complies with contractual, customer, legal and regulatory requirements.

Effective delivery of cybersecurity risk assessments and enforcing compliance results in the satisfactory assurance and management of security risks and threats at a level deemed acceptable to stakeholders. This service is available on request from clients who seek to understand their cybersecurity state and maturity level and wish to transition up the security curve for their core business processes and critical IT and data assets.

The Vocall Cybersecurity Risk, Audit, Assurance and Compliance management services maintain standards defined by:

  • Legal and regulatory mandates
  • Contractual obligations, and internal policies
  • Standards
  • Industry frameworks and best practices.

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Digital transformation is accelerating the adoption of cloud services and applications across all industries, amplifying the need for protecting users and business-critical data. At Vocall we offer comprehensive advisory and managed security services in order to assess business risks. We put in place industry-leading protection services to ensure employees remain productive, irrespective of their location of work. We provide you with insights and control on what is most important to you – your DATA.


Giving you peace of mind with a 360o view of your entire business environment


Advisory and Managed Security Services:

  • Security and Identity Management: we assist in developing your cloud security strategy to actively protect your business from threats and attacks. We deliver solutions that safeguard your business and users with continuous monitoring and administration of both your cloud and on-premise IT environment.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: we incorporate threat intelligence feeds from global providers into a fully managed process that provides immediate alerts and remediation that assist in containing security threats across your IT systems
  • Security Monitoring: we provide 24/7 real-time monitoring and analysis of both cloud and on-premise IT environments to ensure your systems are protected and provide immediate remedies
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Compliance Services: we provide insights and control to your data stored in your cloud services, making your business more secure.

Cyber Security solutions designed to ensure your staff continue working, securely from anywhere:

  • Secure Remote Access: provides Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to private applications and data in public cloud, on-premise and/or data centre environments. This simple and secure remote access solution offers seamless connectivity for authenticated users, supports any application and protocol, reduces business risk, and simplifies IT infrastructure and management.
    Our Secure Remote Access offers a more efficient, secure and scalable set-up versus traditional VPNs.

Cloud Protection: provides advanced public cloud infrastructure security that helps you manage and reduce risk across your public cloud deployments. The solution simplifies the detection and remediation of threats and misconfigurations across your cloud environments. Helping prevent data loss, stop malware, and achieve regulatory compliance. Our services help auditors to sign off on your IT risk management systems.
Our cloud protection solution offers standard and advanced protection options, safeguarding data in motion from leakage, theft or exposure and data at rest in managed cloud services.

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