Reverse Billed Services

Reverse Billed Voice

We can allocate customers with individual number/s:

FreeCharge 080 = The call is zero rated for the calling party, and reverse billed to the called party

ShareCharge 0860 = The call cost is shared between the calling party and called party

FullCharge 0861 = The calling party pays for the full call duration.

Reverse Billed URL

  • Usage on selected apps and websites is free rated.
  • The end user can access the app or url free of charge.
  • The enterprise customer pays for data usage on the specified apps and websites only, at preferential rates.
  • Worry free solution for end users: always able to connect, irrespective of airtime/ data balances.
    End user has access to website or app.
  • The enterprise customer pays preferred rates for the aggregated data usage.
  • Always connected solution for enterprise customer: only pay for relevant usage.
  • Reverse Billed Data can be offered on apps and websites.
  • Free rate end user’s access to a business website or app.
  • Data consumption is billed to the enterprise and not to device accessing the site.
  • Offered to all customers across payment types (Post-paid, Top-up, Prepaid).
  • No SIM provisioning required on the end user’s device.
  • URL, IP and Port Number required for configuration.
  • Tiered billing model.
  • Lower per MB costs for increased data consumption.

Reverse Billed Data APN

Safely access your company’s network and information from anywhere in the World:

  • Fast mobile access, nationally and globally
  • Secure connectivity to your Business information and applications
  • Cost effective in-bundle and out-of-bundle rates

Product overview:

The need for “always on” connectivity to business information and applications through mobile technologies has become vital to every
South African business. Vocall’s Access Point Name (APN) solution allows you and your employees access to your organisation’s network, key applications and information, conveniently and securely from virtually anywhere in the World.

Why the need for Corporate APNs?

An APN is a point of entry into an IP network for a mobile device and is always required when a mobile device makes a packet data connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or HSPA).


  • Added security: an additional user authentication security layer when users connect to their Corporate APN
  • 24/7 Administration access: additional self-service functionality that enables your corporate administrator to:
  • Provide and de-provide users (on a mobile number) on the APN
  • Manage data quotas per mobile number), i.e. to split their monthly APN data bundle per mobile number
  • Proactively manage abuse of the APN.

APN cost models and types

Subscriber Billed

Subscriber billed APNs offer all the features and benefits of a private APN with the main difference being that each individual subscriber is billed separately for the usage on the APN.

Reverse Billed

Reverse billed APNs allow customers to aggregate all the data usage of all users that are provisioned onto the APN. This model affords customers the convenience of many users consuming from a pool of data rather than each user having its own individual data usage.

Reverse billed APNs come with two options: APNs with data bundles.

Add these services to your Vocall Corporate APN

APN Data Manager

APN Data Manager is a client/ server platform and software that provides managed access security. It allows remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate users and authorise their access to your system or service. Its self-service portal enables you to manage your APN user base, assign quotas per MSISDN and provides configurable threshold notifications, enabling you with control over your network and spend.

Spend Manager

Vocall Spend Manager is a mobile telecommunication spend and analysis tool which provides customers with online, near real-time information on their mobile spend across all voice devices, mobile APNs, data devices and telemetry devices.

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